Don't understand our emails?

Have you seen that we have strange headers on the emails? For example, the order confirmation where it says "She will receive the order confirmation". In Hälsingland there are many different dialects, one of them is Ovanåkersmål. Lindberg's foundation is in Ovanåker, more precisely Edsbyn.
We wanted to create something unique to stand out from the crowd of all the emails you receive in your inbox, so we chose to use Ovanåkersmål in the header, but don't worry, the rest of the email is written in pure Swedish!

Below we have created a translation of words that are in the emails
which is sent to you so that you can also take part in Lindberg's origins!


If you have seen bandy, you may recognize the word "Nu'läll" from Edsbyn's bandy matches when the heel shouts "NU'LÄLL!" when there are corners. The translation is: "Now it happens."

In short, the translation is that there is nothing on your order. In Ovanåker language it often happens that we add an "e" at the end to clarify that it is nothing or a "yes" to clarify that it is me, we don't know why. So if you want to say "I'm from Edsbyn but you're not" you say: "Yes ä from Edsbyn yes, they ate you e" but most preferably you just say: "Yes ä from the village yes, they ate you e! ".

Nusa means "now at last" or simply "now". We like to combine the words "is" and "it" into one word so that it becomes "åre". So the sentence translates to: Now it's repaid.

The word "Mäh" has no direct translation, but it is something that is said if there is something that is strange. Then the rest of the sentence is translated to: Did something strange happen. "Joll" means strange or crazy.

Remember the word "Her" from the order confirmation? So it means here.

Here comes a very complicated sentence as the words "or", "not" and "clear" are the only things that are comprehensible. To translate directly, it means: Have you finished watching, or could you not bear it?

Here is an email for those who collect from the store, as most who collect live near Lindberg, many understand what is written. It means: "Your bag is ready for collection". We like to insert an island instead of å or o when we "speak" (talk)

Here's a reminder if you forgot to pick up your bag. Then we ask the question: Are you sick or where are you? Your bag remains here.

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