Lindberg's History


Just like Michael Lindberg did in 1994 when he started making leather boots for his son, whose feet froze a lot.
For almost 30 years, we have stuck to the basic idea, to manufacture functional products for your child.
Regardless of the weather or season, we have functional clothes and accessories mainly for your child.

It started when Michael and Christina got married in 1989 and settled in Edsbyn, where in 1991 they had their first son.
Michael, who at the time sold knitted caps to customers all over Sweden, noticed that his son's feet were often cold and had warm moose skin booties designed to keep his son's feet warm.


And I have received inspiration from the whole family when I continued to design my own garments. It was little Josef, the first of our four boys, who gave me the first impulse. I wanted to make his feet really warm and designed children's moose skin booties.

Michael Lindberg

We don't skimp on quality!

Michael Lindberg

It shows that our products are in demand and a Lindberg product is always a Lindberg product

Michael Lindberg


The boots became so popular among Michael's customers that he decided in 1994 to register his own brand Lindberg, where the boots together with some other moose skin products were the start. Michael, who was an accomplished rally driver, had found a hole in the market where there were no products warm enough to warm children's frozen feet, and the range quickly grew with both gloves and hats made from Scandinavian moose skin. Michael's interest in rallying never ended, but now it instead became a hobby on the side as he worked hard for his company Lindberg. Michael has always been an inventor who thought outside the box, which has led to the company growing even today.



Nature is a big part of Lindberg and when we design. We want to adapt our clothes to nature so that your children will not be hindered if it rains, snows or when the sun is shining. We have products for all weathers, rainwear with high water columns, warm winter clothes for the frozen and swimwear with UV protection. For your children to get outside regardless of the weather. Snow has always been our favorite and specialty. We design different series of winter clothes every year so that you can find an overall that fits your child wherever you live.


We want to ensure that our clothes are delivered to us in an environmentally friendly way, therefore we choose environmentally friendly means of transport such as train and boat for many of our deliveries.
It is only the last piece that the goods arrive by truck in a container. We develop with each passing year and take big steps towards a more environmentally friendly alternative each time.

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