Barnens RäddningsArk

Christina and Micheal Lindberg started Lindberg with the foundation to help others, not just with the business idea of ensuring that no child has frozen feet through Lindberg's moose skin boots,
but also to help others by donating money for others to have a better life.
This year we want to donate to an organization that is a little extra close to Lindberg's heart, namely the Children's Rescue Ark in Bolivia.

Barnens RäddningsArk works to save children who are at risk of ending up on the streets. Because life on the streets can involve abuse, violence and crime, these children urgently need help to get out of there. Barnens RäddningsArk gives children a safe environment in their home where they receive care and love but also professional help to manage their traumatic experiences.

Christina and Michael Lindberg visited Barnens RäddningsArk in Bolivia a few years ago. Read about this.
Thanks to you, we can donate SEK 100,000 to Barnens RäddningsArk this year.

By supporting Barnens RäddningsArk, the children get food, clothes, education, excursions, sports activities and much more.

97% of what Barnens RäddningsArk collects goes directly to efforts for the children in Bolivia.
They have only 3% in administrative expenses.