About Lindberg

How Lindberg started

Founder Michael Lindberg has his son to thank for his business idea. It was in the early 90's that he had warm beautiful booties and mittens made in moose skin to warm his son's frozen feet and hands.
The products turned out to be so good that demand increased and from this was born the clothing brand Lindberg.
The company Michael Lindberg AB was registered since 1988 (then as a sales company) and in 1994 the Lindberg brand was registered.
Since then, it has only continued with functional clothing and accessories with care for everyone who enjoys staying in nature and Swedish climate.

Where are we?

Lindberg is located in Edsbyn. A village in scenic Hälsingland's deep forests with ancient origins of an active business life.
Here are several leading industries where perhaps window and furniture manufacturing are the most famous.
Edsbyn is previously also known for its production of skis and could once be named the world's largest ski manufacturer.
From this environment, we develop clothes for an active nightlife, primarily for children and juniors but also for adults.

Our focus

With the saying "there is no bad weather only bad clothes", we at Lindberg work hard to develop products that suit our Swedish climate.
With the "layer on layer" principle and clothes that suit all weather, we at Lindberg have built up a wide range for you who like to stay outside.
With us you will find everything from sun protection and swimwear in the summer to warm functional clothing in the coldest winter. This is to give you as comfortable an outdoor stay as possible.
We place great emphasis on protecting the environment and our work to ensure that production takes place with as little environmental impact as possible is under constant development.